A new year brings new attempts at alleviating boredom

The happy holidays are over!

merry-christmas-from-batman-2488It is a new year; time to try new things that you will no doubt give up on a few months from now (if that). It is in this spirit that I have decided to try and start a blog. Why? I have no idea. This was actually an idea that I had way back in September last year. Consider this an official launch to a horrible idea.

A new year, as relatively artificial as it is, cannot help but cause reflection. I enjoy writing. I enjoy it even in the absence of an outlet. I have journals filled with scribbles and odd meanderings. So really, why not give myself an outlet. Why not start a blog? What harm could it cause?

So what is the topic of conversation I wish to join? I am political, but politics is blood sport and I have no longing to ‘get into it’ with friends or strangers. What do I enjoy? What is it that makes me happy without much controversy and that I can convey generally positive feelings towards? That is what I want my blog to be about: That which makes me happy. Geek culture, technology, art (film, music, literature, and yes I dare include video games into this category), some politics (but not the angry kind… I hope), fashion, design, and drink; these are the things that I enjoy. These are the things that on my most miserable day can make me smile even if it is just a short interruption to the chaotic rigmarole of daily life.

So that is what I am doing here. We’ll see if it lasts.

Anyway, best regards,


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