Raise Your Glass: Bacon salt, Concrete, and New Beginnings

Every week I like to have a little fun with what is new and cool in the world of sinful libations. This week I am going to start off with something for all the Bloody Mary/Ceasar lovers out there. Tired of your standard celery salt to top of the brim of your glass? Want to go for a more breakfasty feel? Try out Demitri’s Bacon RimShot Salt. Demitri, a maker of Bloody Mary  mix supplies, has teamed up with his friends at J&D’s, makers of Bacon Salt, to bring you “Bacon RimShot”. A smoky, savoury garnish that adds aroma and tons of flavour – great with a nice cold sip of a spicy Bloody Mary or Ceasar! You can buy it on Amazon here.

(Via Cool Material)

Next up is an Etsy shop out of Hipster Mecca Williamsburg, Brooklyn: Concrete Wine Bunkers by Decor Atelier. Using reclaimed materials, Decor Atelier makes a lot of awesome home furnishings, but nothing is as cool as his concrete wine bunkers. According to his page, “This concrete block fits most 750 Ml wine bottles measuring 5″w x 5″h x 9″d.” Each block costs about $25 so build up your storage as you build your collection. You can buy the concrete wine bunkers here.

(Via Cool Material)

Finally, I wanted to give a shout out to a new project from one of my favourite video game designers, Dr. Greg Zeschuk, formerly of Bioware (makers of Mass Effect). Zeschuk retired from game design last year and started his own web enterprise, a Youtube show called The Beer Diaries. They just released a trailer for their upcoming episodes taking a look at craft breweries in Austin, Texas. Should be awesome!

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