Meta-review: Metro: Last Light

Metro: Last Light has had an interesting history. The property was originally owned by publisher THQ, who after filing for bankruptcy was forced to sell all of its licenses. With its future unknown, game publisher Deep Silver bought Metro at auction and are now thankfully able to release the anticipated game.

The games prequel, Metro: 2033, was a flawed yet incredibly immersive game for the Xbox 360 and PC. It was lauded for its deep story-telling and world creation but reviewers could not get past its many technical hiccups: spotty damage detection, bad AI, etc. Developer 4A Games looked to correct those technical issues while still creating an atmospheric world, and it looks like for the most part they were successful. Not completely, but mostly.

Here is what the various media outlets had to say:

The EscapistAs a sequel, Last Light approaches perfection. It improves on its predecessor in just about every way, but may leave newcomers scratching their heads. If you played and even marginally enjoyed Metro 2033, this needs to be at the top of your pre-order list. If you skipped the first game, find a wiki, catch up, and then buy it. Either way, this is a game not to be missed. (4.5/5)

Game Informer: This sequel plays more like a shooter than its predecessor, but doesn’t sacrifice its intricate narrative or creative vision in the process. Masochistic fans will appreciate the harder difficulties that recreate the grueling experience of the original, but no matter how you approach it, exploring Last Light’s absorbing world is wholly entertaining. (8.5.10)

Edge Magazine: Last Light’s pacing – switching as it does between tight tunnels and wide-open abandoned spaces, explosive gunfights and creeping horror, stealth and socialising – could have felt disconnected in the hands of a less-talented developer. Instead it lends its world uncommon depth. The trade-off for a distinctive personality, of course, is that Last Light is occasionally unyielding, but the desire to see what waits in its next tunnel remains a powerful draw throughout. (8/10)

IGNMetro: Last Light is a bold post-apocalyptic FPS adventure uniquely told from the Russian point of view. Last Light’s setting and presentation are its strong points, though the last third of its 10-hour campaign is weaker than everything that came before it. If you want a fun first-person shooter that doesn’t remotely rise to the greatness of single player-centric adventures like BioShock but is still fun in its own right, then Last Light may just be for you. Just be prepared to deal with some glaring AI issues and disappointing technical problems. (7.2/10)


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