Short Film Friday: Status Update – A Facebook Fairytale (Dir. Daniel Reisinger)

432372144_640This week for SFF we have a beautifully shot dark comedy from Australia, Status Update: A Facebook Fairytale. The premise is somewhat of a cliche now, a character study on what you would do if your every wish came true. The highs and then the inevitable lows. But Status Update takes this concept and brings it into the modern age using Facebook as its vessel. Adam Dunn plays Allan, a nobody in a dead-end job who after being verbally humiliated by his boss in front of all of his colleagues, expresses his desire for his bosses head to explode in a Facebook status update. With one click of the mouse, Allan comes to the messy realization that his Facebook account has uncanny levels of possibility. 

What I can’t get over as I watch this is just how non-independent the film feels. The acting is strong, the writing is hilarious, and the photography is excellent. I would love to see what director Daniel Reisinger does in the future, but for now, we have a great piece of comedy in this ten minute short. Check it out.

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