Short Film Friday – Dr. Easy (dir. Shynola)


Shynola is a collective of visual artists who piqued my interest with their highly stylized and atmospheric music video for How to Destroy Angel’s – How Long.

If you watch music videos, looking back through their resume chances are you’ve seen something by them as well, Beck’s E-Pro, Coldplay’s Paradise, Radiohead’s pyramid song… and many many more. They’ve also done visual work in movies including the phenomenal title sequence of Scott Pilgrim and the spot-on guidebook animations in Hitchhiker’s Guide.

Dr. Easy, released by Warp Films and Film 4, is Shynola’s first narrative project and features the story of a medical robot activated into a crime scene to negotiate with an armed assailant. The short film makes excellent use of Shynola’s practical and highly technical visual style to create and imply a much bigger world – similar in effect to Neill Blomkamp’s District 9 short. In much the same way, Dr. Easy is officially billed as a ‘prologue’, while functioning as a proof of concept for a feature project – an adaptation of Matthew de Abaitua‘s sci-fi novel The Red Men.

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