The {refined} Geekery Gift guide 2013 – Wearables

Here at the {r}g offices we believe what we wear should be just as geeky and functional as everything else we love.  Here is our gift guide for wearable geekiness.


Pebble watch

Check your email/texts at work and choose from a constantly growing library of watch-faces (and check out my full review for all kinds of tips and tricks for your new Pebble!).

banner pebble

The Pebble watch


Mission belts

My favorite low-tech smart belt – the Mission belt uses a quick-release ratcheting system that means no holes – you just click it through to wherever it’s comfortable and hit the release when you’re on your third buffet plate.

And while you’re busy battling your belly, a dollar from each belt sold goes to battling hunger.  Brilliant design and tons of colours – I’ve worn mine every day since I saw it on Shark Tank almost a year ago.

missionThe Mission Belt (available in tons of colours)



Is your giftee constantly fiddling with stuff? Then this is the perfect wallet, the Flipside flips open when you hit the switch like a switchblade.   It’s also RFID skimming-proof if they’re the uneccessessarily-paranoid-type


The Flipside 3x


Is your giftee more of the minimalist type? Then go with the Humn wallet. Wildly successful on Kickstarter, the Humn is two customizable aluminum plates with a shock strap holding them together that pull open to hold cards or cash… I recommend the second version as I found the original size a little big.


Feel more Humn



Finally, if by now you’re only wearing a watch, belt and a smile, cloth your inner ninja with Shinobiwear.  They provide subtly unique and functional ninja-styled clothing that’s seriously BADASS.


Clothing you won’t see anywhere else…


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