Short Film Friday: PROXiMITY (dir: Ryan Connolly)

proximityThis week’s short film is an intense action thriller with a Twilight Zone inspired plot. PROXiMITY begins with a man who is tied up with a burlap bag over his head, being driven out to who knows where and for who knows what diabolical purpose. Once released, it becomes clear that he is about to be hunted for reasons unknown, and to add to the challenge, he has been strapped with an ankle bracelet that contains an explosive charge, set to explode the moment it gets too far away from another specific bracelet on another imprisoned man. It is by no means a complex plot, but it works well.

The action is incredibly intense and the fight choreography comes off as brutal and natural. Ryan Connolly certainly has a talent for making scripted events feel not-so-scripted. Connolly has for some time now been part of the Revision 3 family of web video creators through his channel Film Riot, where he focuses a lot of attention on how to make practical and digital effects look realistic. Clearly Connolly has an eye for this sort of thing, and I would not be surprised if we see even more ambitious projects coming out of his team in the future, or even a transition into full length motion pictures. He has making of videos of everything he produces, so I highly recommend checking his channel out.

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