Short Film Friday: Fallin’ Floyd (Dir: Albert ‘t Hooft & Paco Vink, Anikey Studios)


At first blush, Fallin’ Floyd looks to be a beautiful Disney-esque animated romp through the streets of an unnamed European city, following the escapades of a young go-getter of a musician named Floyd. It does not take long, however, for the true narrative underpinnings of this remarkable piece of animation to be revealed. This is a tale of depression. A heavy piece of subject matter that takes Floyd into some dark, dark places. In fact it is only when Floyd hits rock bottom that he can begin to see a way out, and a way to release himself of the heavy burden he carries on his shoulders.

I love it when animation is able to deal with such complex and heavy pieces of material. The art style is perfect as well. Earlier I mentioned Disney, and when I say that I mean classic Disney. That is the feeling one gets when watching this animated piece. The movements are incredibly emotive and embellished, and they are able to bring a little levity to something so depressing. I commend animation house Anikey for what they have done with Fallin’ Floyd and I can’t wait until their next piece of art.

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