Are you experiencing Titanfall issues?

TF-Panoramic-OverwatchFor some, this has been less a Titanfall, and more a Titan-stumble!

The moment has arrived. Heralded as the true beginning of Next-Gen, Titanfall, the Xbox and PC exclusive, is available in stores and many a gamer has clamored at the chance to play. Only one problem: for some, it appears, they can’t connect to Xbox Live to play the game. Any other game and this wouldn’t be an issue. You can simply play it off line, perhaps the single player mode. But with Titanfall, it is a multiplayer only game, therefore requiring a connection by default.

This is not the first time an EA published game has had server issues on launch. Battlefield 4 and Sim City are two recent examples of online dependency going horribly awry. Yet Titanfall is not using EA’s servers. They are in fact using Microsoft’s much touted Azure servers. Xbox Live’s Major Nelson (Larry Hyrb) has come out to say that the xbox live connectivity is actually not related to Titanfall’s dependence on the Azure servers, explaining on Twitter:

Now it is clear that many people have been affected by this, but it is hard to quantitatively say how many. I played the game for several hours without any issue last night, but am I in the minority or the majority. Nevertheless, some have taken the opportunity to use this as a weapon against Microsoft and their console. Due to its exclusivity, there has been no shortage of negative backlash toward the game (The metacritic user score is currently sitting at a 6.0 with 356 users rating it a 4 or lower – compare that against the actual metacritic score that sits at 87).

As of the writing of this, it appears that all connectivity issues have been fixed (From the Xbox Support Twitter):

So are all of the issues fixed? Well knowing the Internet, if there are still problems, we will hear about them.

Oh, and as for my opinion on the game? Fan-fucking-tastic! Prepare for Titanfall!

Also check out Refined Geekery’s impressions of the Titanfall Beta on our most recent podcast here.

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