Short Film Friday: HUMAN REVOLUTION – DEUS EX (Dir.: Moe Charif)

Deus ExNow I am not one for fan films of the traditional sort. I subscribe to Machinima, and once in a while I will check out the odd short, but more often than not the effects are poor, the story is boring, and the acting is just downright awful. That being said, every so often, a fan film blows me away with the raw talent it presents on screen. That is easily the case with Moe Charif’s Human Revolution. A teaser came out way back in December 2012, blowing everyone away with its visual crispness and aesthetic. A year and a half later and we have the final product and it has been well worth the wait.

Deus-Ex-film-adamCharif’s short uses the Human Revolution video game’s protagonist, Adam Jensen, as its lead, and he is breathtakingly honest to the original. I don’t know what Charif’s budget was for this short, but the costume work here is astounding. Then there are the visual effects. The video game’s world is filled with black and yellow. For his short, however, Charif has chosen whites that are so bright they almost bleach out the screen. The backgrounds provide such awesome contrast with the black cyber-punk costumes of its characters. And the effects blend seamlessly with this world. The effects are done by Mauro Rondan who’s previous work was on the amazing short Panic Attack by Fede Alvarez (who would later direct the Evil Dead remake). Rondan’s visuals meticulously recreate the augmentations of the video game. In short, this film looks awesome.

Check it out below:

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