Short Film Friday: Batman: Strange Days (Dir.: Bruce Timm)

Batman-strange-days-TimmYou know the feeling when something in your life is suddenly taken away (a death in the family, a terrible break-up, your favourite cereal being discontinued), and how it can take a long time to get over that loss. And then one day, boom, you are no longer thinking about what made you sad for so long. But then, out of nowhere, something comes along and rejolts your memory. Well damn you Warner Brothers and damn you Bruce Timm. Do you no how long it took me to get over not having Batman: The Animated Series? A really bloody long time! And then you have to go out and release this!

In honour of Batman’s 75th birthday, Warner Brothers Animation has brought back Batman: TAS showrunner Bruce Timm to direct an animated short feature called Strange Days in which the caped crusader is pitted against Dr. Hugo Strange and Solomon Grundy. God how I missed the amazing aesthetic Timm brought to the Batman universe. That 1940s futurist style that looked like it was ripped straight out of some World’s Fair just suited the Dark Knight so so well. I love you Bruce Timm! This is just two and a half minutes of awesome!

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