Short Film Friday: Mouse-X (Dir: Justin Tagg)

Mouse-XThis week’s short film is a bit of a mind bender. Mouse-X, directed by Justin Tagg, is another fine example of how the short film has become the epicenter of ingenious genre-fiction. There is one central character to the film, and throughout his journey, he plays both hero and antagonist in a never ending loop. Trapped within some Kafka-esque nightmare, the central character (played incredibly well here by Julian Nicholson) must navigate what appears to be a prison of the mind where every decision is pre-determined and free will no longer exists. It is a horrible thought to comprehend, that everything we do has been laid out before us, and Nicholson’s striking realization that what ever control he thought he had was just an illusion is heartbreaking.

The photography in this short is captured brilliantly, oozing with atmosphere in every shot. Much credit also goes to the lighting which weighs the film down with a heavy sense of paranoia. It is expertly crafted, and should be heralded for its artistic direction.

Check it out below:

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