This Week in Gaming: Download Overload


There are so many awesome looking downloadable titles coming to PC and Consoles this week that instead of giving them each their own spotlight, I felt it would be easier just to do one quick post where we outline each:

Screamride (Xbox One, Xbox 360): Developed by Frontline Development, the makers of the legendary theme park simulator Roller Coaster Tycoon, Screamride looks to marry the joys of making your own coaster present in its predecessor with the audaciousness of ‘Crash Mode’ from Burnout 3: Takedown. The game is receiving generally positive reviews, hovering around the 70 mark on Metacritic. While seemingly barebones at first, this game looks to have deep and addictive qualities that I can’t wait to sink my time into. Why? Well if you ever played ‘Crash Mode’, than you already know that answer! (March 3)

Helldivers (PS4): This top-down shooter from Arrowhead Game Studios looks frenetic and insane. With team killing cranked to 11, this game looks like if Diablo had a baby with Starship Troopers. This is a game that is going to punish you, but if you are able to exercise the necessary amounts of coordination and teamwork required to skillfully master its systems, it also looks to be one of the most satisfying coop experiences thus far on the PS4. The game is being very well received with a Metacritic average of low to mid 80s. (March 3)

Shiftlings (PC, PS4, Xbox One): Shiftlings is an exciting looking puzzle platformer from developer Rock Pocket Games that looks to take advantage of a growing number of games that focus on two primary characters being controlled by one person. This has been a growing trend in puzzle gaming with notable examples like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and Kalimba being great representations of the medium. Making your way through a system of complex machines, Shiftlings looks like a fun yet frustrating mess of traps that want to pulverize, slice, burn, and all out murder you. (March 4)

White Night (PC, PS4, Xbox One) White Night is a monochromatic noir-esque horror game that looks ripped straight from the pages of Frank Miller’s Sin City. Developed by OSome Studio, you play a survivor of a car accident seeking safety in a nearby mansion (there is always a mansion); however, once inside, you stumble upon a horrific mystery to solve while avoiding the evils that lurk in the dark. The game’s heavy focus on pitch black environment’s and light effects for puzzle solving make this game look like an exceptionally atmospheric take on the tried and true horror mansion set-piece. This, for me, is the big game of the week and I can’t wait to play it. (March 3-6)

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