Deus Ex: Mankind Divided screens leak – Update: Confirmed by Game Informer


UPDATE: Mankind Divided has been revealed as Game Informer cover for May, all but confirming the information below. cover-reveal-Deus-Ex

***Original article below***

Publisher Square Enix has recently been teasing what many have assumed is the next installment in the Deus Ex series, and now, thanks to a Russian website (, we have our first details on the upcoming game. Entitled “Mankind Divided”, the game brings back Human Revolution hero Adam Jensen as the main protagonist, faced with a world divided between those with robotic augmentations, and those without. Like Human Revolution, Mankind Divided will be set in multiple locations across the globe, including Prague, Czech Republic.

The game will not draw from Human Revolution saves, a good thing for me since ***SPOILER*** I sacrificed my character at the end. *** End Spoiler*** The game is being developed by the same team behind Human Revolution, Eidos Montreal, and is being developed for next-gen systems (Xbox One, PS4) and PC only. Sorry 360 and PS3 owners. Though there has been no official reveal at this point, many of these details feel too specific to be mere speculation.

While we await actual confirmation from Square Enix, check out some supposed screenshots from Mankind Divided below:

MankindDivided3 MankindDivided2 MankindDivided4 MankindDivided5

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