Fallout 4 is official and here is the trailer to prove it!

Fallout4Do you here that? It is the sound of millions of gamers rejoicing! Virtual streets are being flooded with the salty tears of joy from all of the Bethesda loyalists out there who have pleaded, begged on hand and knee, for a new Fallout game! Well grab your pip boy because Fallout 4 has emerged from the vault and it comes with a beautiful trailer. Do you hear those screams Valve? That is the what happens when you listen to fans and give the people what they want.

In all seriousness, this trailer looks rad as hell. What has me most pleased is the amount of colour accompanying our radiated wasteland. This apocalypse looks eerily beautiful and I can’t wait to sink in to it. Strange they couldn’t wait the week and half remaining until their E3 press event, but I’m not complaining! Perhaps that means we will get an actual game play tease next Sunday, June 14th. The game will be released on next-gen only platforms (Xbox One and PS4), and PC.

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