E3: Ubisoft Showcase Impressions

Three conferences down! Ubisoft has become known for throwing out the big surprises at their shows and this year’s presser was no exception. Check out my thoughts below:

South-Park-Fractured-But-WholeSouth Park: The Fractured But Whole

Yes I am so excited! The Stick of Truth was one of my favourite titles of 2014 and to see that it is receiving sequel is blowing my mind. It is a giant surprise considering how exhausted Trey and Matt stated they were, on record, at the end of Stick of Truth’s development.

Instead of fantasy, however, The Fractured But Whole will be aping Superhero tropes. That means the return of The Coon! (God help us all!!!)

Ubisoft San Francisco is the studio behind the game, rather than Obsidian. I am curious as to the reasoning behind this move, though maybe much of that games delay was due to Obsidian’s handling of the development. Nevertheless, this is still a HUGE surprise!

ForHonorFor Honor

Another new IP from Ubisoft Montreal, For Honor is a melee warfare game taking part in several different locations, among varying factions: Vikings, Knights, and Samurai seem to be the three warrior types. They proceeded to show a 4 v 4 demonstration of the game.

It looks like bots will play heavily in the game play. Think Sword and shield meets Titanfall. While bots seem incredibly easy to kill, the primary focus seems to be on the 1v1 sword fights that inevitably break out between two opposing players.

The game demo looked gorgeous. It was obviously heavily staged as the 1v1 fight that appeared, did so in almost complete isolation, so I am curious how it will play out in real life. I love the incredibly gory finishing animations.

the-crew-wild-run-expansionThe Crew: Wild Run Expansion Pack

The crew seemed left behind by Forza Horizon, Drive Club, and the (at the time) hotly anticipated Project C.A.R.S. so I am actually somewhat surprised that the game warrants an expansion, but perhaps I am off base here.

trialsfusionawesomelevelmaxTrials Fusion: Awesome Level Max

The trailer has a cat with a gun riding a fire breathing unicorn. So that is a new direction for the franchise…

The-Division-XBOX-Conference-15The Division

Although already seen at the Microsoft conference, Ubisoft gave a more full gameplay trailer than the one we saw earlier. The game looks cool, but I want it to come out if only so I don’t have to listen to game demo players giving horribly canned dialogue. Also, what was with the enemies taking selfies?

I love the winter aesthetic of the game. Not enough games actually take place during that time of the year.

Anno 2205

My stream dropped out during this part so I apologize. Anno 2205 comfirmed.

jason-derulo-just-dance-2016-e3-2015Just Dance 2016

Every gaming enthusiasts favourite part of a Ubisoft show, Just Dance 2016 is the latest in the annualised series. The game will be using the gamers smart phone as the motion game pad in spite of whatever your console set up is. This is probably due in part to the removal of Kinect from the Xbox.

Rainbow-Six-SiegeRainbow 6: Siege

So Angela Bassett is in this game as the leader of the Rainbow Six Team, which is kind of strange as I had thought this game was purely multiplayer based. I am curious as to how she is worked into the story narratively. Top of the line mocap was used to capture her digital image so I can’t imagine that she would be relegated to a voice in your ear.

The bigger announcement was the return of Terrorist Hunt, now called “Terrohunt” – a team vs AI coop mode. This is a call back to old Rainbow 6 games where tactics seem to be key, though as with all of these games, the real game will be far less tactful. The Beta will begin Sept 24 on all platforms.

trackmania turboTrackmania Turbo

This game looks like F1 meets speed racer with insane loop de loops and other gloriously arcadey fun bits. This game looks super fun and a nice answer to my earlier Need for Speed complaints. This is what I want from an arcade racer. Over the top racing. Spare me your millennial dialogue and just give me awesomely fun situations. It also has a cool instant track maker that looks to create lots of replayability.

assassins-creed-syndicate-e3Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

So is this the Mia Culpa to the disastrous Assassin’s Creed Unity that Ubisoft desperately or is it more of just the same. Sadly we got absolutely no gameplay, instead receiving a CGI trailer concentrating on the grappling hood and carriage riding.

I’m still not sold on the whole gang building concept in this game but who knows, it could become quite an addictive mini game. I never thought I would love Gwent, after all.

I really wanted to see game play. Perhaps it will be revealed at the Sony press conference. This is actually kind of disappointing.

GhostReconWildlandsGhost Recon Wildlands

As always, Ubisoft surprises us with one more title. Ghost Recon Wildlands was being worked on in secret by Ubisoft Paris. It is a massive open world game that takes place in Bolivia where you combat drug cartels aplenty. The video showed alpha gameplay where a team of Ghosts ambush a drug dealer’s operation in multiple paths. There looks to be multiple ways of completing objectives, including day vs. night. There is still a lot unknown about this title but it looks pretty rad.

And with that, there is only one conference left today: Sony. I hope to have my reactions to it up soon after the show ends.

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