Spectre Trailer Reveals Itself

JamesBondSpectreThis trailer has me so incredibly excited. I have watched it a few times now, and I am noticing new items that peak my interest with each view. We see that Bond’s car has had Q-branch gadgets added to it (flame throwers!!!), as well as a quick little peak at Andrew Scott (Moriarty from Sherlock), who we’re told is working for the “Centre for National Security”, but look at those eyes and tell me he is not a villain! The script apparently had a few re-writes injecting more traditional Bond-esque humour into it, and I wonder if little nods like the tech in the car were part of that, yet the overall tone they are showing is very reminiscent of Daniel Craig’s past outings (meaning serious). Perhaps it will be the perfect balance of serious narrative and 007 gimicks we have been hoping for, allowing for both tongue in cheek and gravitas. Check out the full trailer below!AndrewScottSpectre

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