Sunny Days…

Man-in-Suit-at-BeachIf it hasn’t been evident already, I have taken a bit of a mini vacation from blogging this Summer. That does not mean that I was not highly engrossed in all things geeky while I was away. I played tons of video games, watched countless movies and tv shows, and brainstormed many an idea when it comes to where I want to take Refined Geekery into the future, all the while getting a decent tan, playing lots of golf, and drinking far too much beer. But I am back baby! And I come with a renewed sense of vigor when it comes to this site.

First off, I am going to try to review a lot more. That being said, I am going to keep those reviews to a maximum word length of 250. That is, I want to give quick and concise acts of criticism to the media I am consuming.

Second, I am going to grow both the live streaming and the video portion of this site. Starting in the month of September, I am going to begin livestreaming on Twitch weekly. I have not settled on the day yet – I’m thinking Tuesdays at 8pm Eastern – but once a week, for an hour, you can find me playing an awesome variety of both old and new games, including some hidden treasures I feel deserve more love. I will also try to load those videos on our Youtube channel so that we have a base of gameplay content.

Third, I am going to try to expand our writing pool. As both my and fellow Refined Geekery editor Mike’s lives grow ever more complicated with family and career, we cannot simply keep delivering the amount of content we want to deliver on the regular basis required for a site to remain relevant. I hope that over the course of the next year, I will have more colleagues joining in on this effort.

So this is where we stand, and as we move in to Autumn, and the games become bigger, the movies become greater, and the temperatures become cooler – giving us all the reason in the world to stay in and consume – I hope that Refined Geekery will be there to entertain and provide commentary on everything that makes our geeky world great.



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