Short Film Friday: Video_souvenir (Dir.: Milena Rodams)

videosouvenirThis week’s short is a heart-felt exploration of the deterioration of a relationship through the lens of a child. The complexities of relationships are often lost on the children they so deeply impact and this short captures that reality so wonderfully. The animation is raw, but it captures the emotional heaviness perfectly. Director Milena Rodams created the short as part of her program at l’Ecole des Métiers du Cinéma d’Animation, an acclaimed animation school in Angoulême, France. Her genius use of colour conveys the numerous ups and downs the stresses of life press upon children, using jubilant reds, yellows, and other primary colours to convey the joys of childhood, and, as the sadness of the life surrounding Olive, the stories central character, seeps in, the paler and more neutral grays and blues of melancholey .

I cannot recommend this short enough, so please give it a watch. It is a loving example of how animation can so wonderfully render complex human experiences.

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