Short Film Friday: The Fly (Dir: Olly Williams)

TheFlySince I started highlighting short films on this site a few years ago, I must admit I have given comedies an unfair amount of screen time. I’m always driven to highlight what the medium can do with sci-fi and genre pics. But every so often I watch a short and I am reminded of just how perfect the medium is for delivering 5 to 10 minutes of perfect comedic situations. Take for instance this weeks short, The Fly, directed by Olly Williams. No, not the meteorologist from Family Guy. No, this Olly Williams is a wonderful film maker with a history in advertisements (Doritos) and music videos (Robbie Williams). His style is superbly professional in feel. There is nothing amateurish about this production. The sound design, the effects, it all feels like a perfectly shot British gangster flick.

The plot, though simple in its premise, is perfect for a short film. A getaway driver has three minutes to remain ready and focused as his compatriots rob a bank. That focus is rudely interrupted by an irritating fly that hovers about his vehicle. It hums its god awful rhythm as it flies to a fro. Be honest, we have all been there. In a way, it plays out similarly to the famous bottle episode of Breaking Bad, but too much greater comedic effect. The Fly contains about 4 minutes of truly epic over-reaction and it culminates in a purely satisfying punchline. Much praise must also be heaped upon lead actor Jack Doolan who just excels in the physical comedy required by the getaway driver.

Check out the short below, and if you want to check out more of Olly’s work, check out his website here.

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