#ScottWeiland : Dead at 48

Scott Weiland, best known for his tumultuous times as the lead singer for Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver, has passed away at the age of 48. It was well documented that Weiland struggled with drugs and alcohol throughout his career and while his life, and death resembles the path many rock stars before him have taken, it is still sad and worthy of mentioning.

Scott Weiland 4

I had seen Stone Temple Pilots three times before and always admired their energy, especially when I saw them play the Molson Canadian Rocks Simulbash on Canada Day at the Koolhaus in Toronto while I was in high school. I was front row and the way Scott took control of the show and handled the crowd was just unlike anything I had seen before.

I then saw STP open up for the Red Hot Chili Peppers a few years later and their performance was far more memorable than RHCP. When he was the frontman for Velvet Revolver I once again saw them play in Toronto. The show was a bit controversial because they were supposed to start at 9 but didnt go on until 10:30. They only played for a half hour. Then a few years ago, while in Ottawa, Stone Temple Pilots played Bluesfest at Lebreton Flats. It was an amazing show and once again Scott’s energy was well on display.  The photos in this post are some of the ones I took of that amazing show.

stpI never agreed with the whole Chester Bennington as the new voice of Stone Temple Pilots gig and will always consider Scott as a great music persona who was lost too soon. It has been reported that Weiland passed away in his sleep while his new band, The Wildabouts were in Bloomington, Minnesota just two days after performing in Toronto.

Scott Weiland 7

Here’s two of my favourite Stone Temple Pilots songs live, Crackerman and Vasoline





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