Short Film Friday: Jess’ Big Date (Dir.: Clinton Jones)

JessBigDateRocket Jump needs little introduction in the Youtube generation. The magical channel created by Freddie Wong has been giving us top-notch spectacle for years. I remember watching his Call of Duty-esque “Future First Person Shooter” video back in 2010 and being blown away by his creativity, yet also his attention to detail. Since those early videos, however, Rocket Jump has turned into a power house, creating some of the most cutting-edge independent videos the Internet has to offer. Jess’ Big Date is a prime example of the quality level Rocket Jump has attained.

Starring Ashly Burch, a Youtube star in her own right (also the voice of Chloe in the amazing Life is Strange video game), Jess is an absurd piece of action comedy that puts a spy through the ringer on a first date. The action set-pieces director Clinton Jones has put together show that perfect level of detail that Rocket Jump is known for and the acting, while completely over the top, is perfect for the short.

I hope you enjoy!

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