“Total War” against Donald Trump, declares Anonymous

Anonymous-trumpThe hacktivist collective that is “Anonymous” has had enough of Republican front-runner Donald Trump. In a video posted earlier this month, the organization declared that Trump’s campaign has been “inconsistent and hateful”, and has shocked not only the United States America, but the entire planet with his “appalling actions and ideas.” Seeing Trump’s motivations as nothing but power-hungry greed, and therefore lacking any true virtue, the group will be initiating several attacks in the months to follow, starting with the take-down of his Trump Chicago website April 1st.

Trump’s campaign seems to grow more and more controversial with each passing day creating new enemies while further cementing his base. I am curious to see what impact such an attack on his web presence will have, especially since his support seems much more grass-roots.

You can watch the full declaration of war below:

(Source: Engadget)

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