Crazy impractical clothing for crazy impractical people

Are you looking for a new look this year? Are you bored with conventional ideas of clothing? This post is for you!

You have to love fashion that prefers aesthetic design over comfort.

First off we have what I can only imagine to be the world’s most uncomfortable shoe. Ladies, this is for you. Designed by an award winning British architect, Julian Hakes,  these shoes look like their design is based on a corkscrew that has been put in the oven. Nevertheless, they look pretty freakin’ cool. Oh, and they are not cheap.


Second, for the well-dressed gentleman, how about a tie made out of wood?


The Phloyd (source:

Because nothing says style like some wearable lumber. Two Guys Bow Ties have four different designs for their wooden bow ties. I am especially fond of the argyle “Phloyd” design. Fun? Check! Practical? Not at all! Anyway, check out their website at



Both of these items were found over at fashionablygeek (an amazing blog by the way).


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