Getting Drunk the Classy Way

sixpack_withbeer_largeIf you are going to make a drunken fool of yourself, you might as well do it with style. Today I have a few items for the lover of all things drink that will allow you to stand out amongst the common drunken rabble. No paper bag required with either of these fine goods.

First off is an awesome looking wooden six pack tote. Like pouring scotch into a crystal decanter, one should not be forced to carry their six pack in the original packaging. Instead, why not bring your beer in classy beer holder made out of reclaimed redwood. Made by Wood Thumb, a team out of San Francisco who also has their own alternative to the wooden tie mentioned in last Friday’s post.

(Wood Thumb via The Awesomer)


The Second item is also for the drinker on the go, but is also for the lover of the harder alcohols.

Working off of the concept that the shot is greater than the swig, the guys at Stone Cask of Newport Beach, California, have created the perfect Shot Flask. The 8 oz. flask is made out of stainless steel with a bonded leather wrapping. On its face, the flask holds a 2 ounce stainless steel collapsible shot glass.

Pulling out any ordinary flask in social settings will usually end in judgement and accusations of drinking problems. Pulling out The Original Shot Flask will have your friends commenting on your elegant practicality.

(The Original Shot Flask via Cool Material)

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