Fashion!!! Cool Tees and Fur?

It’s Friday!

$250 burning a hole in your pocket? Boy do I have the perfect item for you. The people at Griz Coat have created the most bad-ass, yet slightly impractical piece of clothing I have ever seen!

The Original Griz Coat is 100% synthetic fur, and 100% awesome! As their website shows, this “one size fits most” bear onesie comes complete with detatchable bear head hood and claws and is perfect for walks through the park or a day at the golf course.

The people at Griz Coat have created two versions of the Griz Coat: Brown bear and polar bear, but considering you will most likely be drunk while wearing this, I would shy away from dumping $250 on the white. That is unless you care if your dry cleaner gives you weird looks when you dump a ten pound bear hide on their counter.

Griz Coat currently only ships to the United States and Canada. In the words of their website: “Keep it Grizangster!”

(Product page, via Incredible Things)


Also, I wanted to pimp a few awesome new designs that are up for sale at Threadless.

(source: Amourosaurus

Super LOL


and Hero Halfshells


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