Short Film Fridays: Oscar Nominated “Fresh Guacamole”

This week’s short film was nominated yesterday for an Academy Award in Best Animated Short Film. “Fresh Guacamole” is the creation of Adam Pesapane, or PES, and is a sequel of sorts to a film he made in 2008 entitled “Western Spaghetti“. The film uses stop-motion animation and takes familiar, inedible objects and turns them in to a delicious looking bowl of guacamole. Bon Appetit! 

Check out some his other awesomely bizarre work at his website here.

New Business: So I am going to try and make Short Film Fridays an actual weekly thing. With the Oscars on the way, I am going to do my best to get the nominated short films on the site if they are available. I won’t break any copyright laws though, so I won’t be uploading them myself. If they are on the net, I will post them. If not, I will try and find some other cool short to put up.




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