Short Film Friday: Submarine Sandwich (Dir: Pes)

SUBMARINE-SANDWICHToday’s Short Film Friday is the second film from stop-motion animator Pes that we have highlighted on our site. The first, Fresh Guacamole, was nominated for an academy award in 2013. This follow-up, which actually came out last year, was not granted the same honors, and while it is still a fantastic example of stop-motion animation, his method – using everyday objects to resemble delicious food dishes – is growing familiar. That being said, I must reiterate how high the quality level is on the animation here. Pes’ use of colour is always one of the highlights of his work. His use of primaries gives his films a look that is wholly his own. If you enjoy this short, I do urge you to check out some of his past work. It is amazing watching his craft become more polished with each iteration. I am excited to see where he goes from this, however, I would also love to see him go into some new and fresh territory.

Check out the short below:

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