This week in Drinking: Bottle Openers, Beer Paint, and Game of Thrones?

This week, the world of alcohol has brought us some cool ways to bring drinking into our every day lives.

Bottle GrenadeFirst, we have the ever useful Bottle Grenade! Another Kickstarter project, the Bottle Grenade is like a Swiss army bottle opener that you can attach to your belt buckle. The bottle opener works on screw tops or pop tops, but why stop there.

Within the two inch piece of 6061-T6 Aluminium  you also have a hexagonal screw bit holder for a 1/4″ bit, a 7/16 wrench (let’s hope the next version has a few other options), and a slide for it to harness to your belt buckle. Oh and it is also magnetic, so if you don’t want to wear it, you can always use it to hold up your child’s mediocre drawing of a giraffe on your fridge… that is until you want another beer. You can visit the Bottle Grenade’s Kickstarter page here. (via Geer Hungry)

Next up, for the person who wants their room to look like a freshly poured pint, we have Beertone. Beertone is a colour guide that contains over 200 shades of beer. Match it with your favourite and then bring it on down to your local Home Depot so they can colour match it with your lager and/or ale of choice.

Right now, Beertone is only available in Swiss beer varieties, however, they hope to have German and Brazilian beers in the near future. If you want a craft IPA, you may be forced to wait a while as they have not mentioned anything yet about American or Canadian craft beer selections. Beertone’s website can be visited here. (Via: Cool Material)

Finally, Winter’s Blonde Ale is Coming. The Ommegang Brewery of Cooperstown, New York has created the first officially licensed Game of Thrones beer: The Iron Throne Blonde Ale. The beer launches March 31 to coincide with the launch of the third season of the hit HBO show.

The Belgian style Brewery claims that this is the first beer in a series. You can check out the press release over at the Ommegang website here. (Via Cool Material)

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