Fashion!!! Printed Leggings, Nintendo Belts, and LED Messenger Bags

It’s Friday, so it is also time to wrap up the week in geek fashion. Today we get a little nerdy, but that is okay, because as I keep trying to tell myself, nerdy is cool.

Anyway, first we have some crazy awesome tights from Nylon Journal with NYC Subway Maps printed on them. Not only do these look really cool, but they might also be helpful if you find yourself lost in Brooklyn (Now is it the 4 or the 5 that I want?) They come in both white and grey varieties so go nuts. The same company also makes tights with eye charts, UPC Barcodes and more. Visit their website here (via 7 Gagets)




Next, to keep your pants up in the nerdiest way possible, why not get a Super Mario belt. Available via Etsy, Saluki Feathers makes custom ordered hand crafted leather belts, dog collars, bracelets, and many other items. For a mere $400 bucks, you could have your favourite level of Super Mario Brothers laid out in belt form with a pretty awesome Mario belt buckle. (Via Fashionably Geek)

(Source:, a really cool messenger bag that will have you looking like a character from Tron. This one is a Kickstarter from Halo (not the video game) based out of San Francisco. The Halo Zero Messenger Bag is a particularly good item if your primary mode of transportation is walking or biking. Staying street safe at night doesn’t mean that you can’t look good. (Via Fasionably Geek)


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