Research in Motion’s stock is in Motion



A lot of happy people in Waterloo, Ontario these days. In the course of a week, RIM’s stock has gone up 14%. A big spike occurred last week after it was announced that Visa had approved the Blackberry 10 software for its mobile payment method. The approved tech allows users to use their blackberry’s as a bank card essentially, tapping their phone much like the tap technology built into credit cards already. This morning alone, RIM stock jumped seven percent bringing the stock price up to $16.77, just ahead of the Blackberry 10 launch this January 30th. 

A few reviews have popped up in the last few weeks for the first batch of blackberry phones, the Z10 in particular. One German website showed a side by side comparison with the iPhone 5, displaying a more than capable Blackberry phone keeping up with the Apple product.In their answer to Siri, The Blackberry 10 voice control looks to be very strong as well, and more than competitive.

The real issue, however, is whether or not people will buy the phone. In the end, all of the best tech adds up to little if the market place turns its back on you. Have former Blackberry users gone on to greener pastures (or orchards… Apple joke… get it?), or will they return to the former leader in smart phone technology?

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