Suit Up! Nanotech Suits, Moustache Onesies, and DeLorean Skirts

A little bit of Geek Fashion to start your week!

The first up is a fancy schmancy suit from Chinese custom suit makers Indochino (You know, the ones that take over every banner ad promising a custom made suit for under $500). Well there latest product is a rather fashionable custom jacket made of “Nano-tech” fibre that is water, stain and wrinkle resistant. The suit lapel includes a hole for your headphone chord and the interior pocket allows you to maintain tactile feedback with your smartphone, meaning you do not need to remove your smartphone from your pocket to use it. Finally, the suit includes a detachable interior liner that can keep you warm on those cold days. The liner itself comes in three colours: Orange, Light Blue, and Dark Blue.  The suit goes for $629 and can be ordered from the Indochino website (via CNet)

Second, for those who feel like making a statement in their sleepwear, we have an awesome onesie for you. If I was running this blog back in November, I would be pushing this for all those Movember loyalists out there, but alas I was busy with my own moustache at the time. But one can plan ahead for the Movember to come with this Toddland Mustache Union Suit. Now at $40, the price may be seen as steep by most for what are essentially gag-pyjamas, but come on. This onesie looks amazing! You can check it out at the Toddland website, and while you are there, also check out their awesome wallets and accessories. (Via Incredible Things)


Finally, for the ladies, Etsy shop Go Follow Rabbits has created a pretty spectacular skirt for fans of Back to the Future. Go Follow Rabbits designer Ashley Mertz makes tons of geek skirts and they all tend to look pretty awesome. With this one, she writes: “This is a great print for anyone who loves the movie and time travel. It features the car, the DeLorean, with the time flux capacitor! It is 100% cotton with a black metallic elastic waistband that fits an array of waist sizes.” You can pick one up at her store here for $45, which is a steal if you ask me. (Via Fashionably Geek)


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