Blackberry 10 Launch Today in NYC

Today, at 10 am EST, Waterloo-based Research In Motion will be unveiling their long-awaited Blackberry 10 smartphones in North America’s largest city. As Gizmodo put it: “It’s a chance at rebirth, reinvention, and getting out from under its walking corpse reputation.” From a stock perspective, RIM has been on somewhat of a roller coaster in the last few months, going from as low as $6.10 in September to over $18 earlier this week. 

In their article, Gizmodo recited 4 basic necessities for BB10 to be a success for RIM: 1)Sustained and Efficient Performance; 2) Knockout Hardware; 3) A Compelling App Ecosystem; and finally, 4) A worthwhile price point.

We will have to wait until 10 EST to find out.

(Via Gizmodo)

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