Geek Fashion: Video Game Tees and Hoodies, and Bow Ties for Cats!

A few awesome geek fashion entries for today:

First off, for the lover of all things Angry Birds, Think Geek has graced us with an awesome light-up LED Angry Birds Space tee shirt. This black tee has one angry looking bird in full Battlestar Galactica gear with an LED light that scrolls side to side.

This is officially licensed Angry Birds gear, so don’t worry, this tee is forgery free. The shirt runs off of 3 LR44 button cell batteries, which come included with the shirt, and it only costs 29.99. You can order the shirt here. (via Think Geek)


The Next item comes via Stylin Online and represents the epitome of retro geek fashion. This Super Mario Bros. Zip Hoodie has the entire intro screen on its back and on the front you have some night time Mario awesomeness, the box art, and a classic NES controller.

This item is a limited edition as only 1000 hoodies have been made. In the words of the manufacturer: “Take Super Mario Bros. with you wherever you go when you wear this colourful, limited-edition Mario hoodie!” You can pick the shirt up here. (Via Fashionably Geek)

Finally, are you tired of your cat’s inability to keep up with you fashionably? Then fancy Mittens up (I am assuming your cat’s name is Mittens) with a dandy looking bow tie from Neato Shop. This bow tie easily attaches to any collar (dog or cat) and has the ability to light up (in both flashing and non-flashing modes). Not only will your cat be the best looking cat on the block, you will also be able to see it coming before it inevitably tries to kill you. And it will try to kill you. Check out Neato Shop here. (Via Geek Alerts)


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