Sony Press Conference Tonight in NYC: Playstation 4 Imminent?

Prepare yourself for a big day of video gaming news tonight. At 6:00 est Sony is set to hold a huge event in New York City and they have been very hush hush about what it is for. Everyone in the industry seems to think it is the Playstation 4 announcement they have been waiting for, however whether that is based on insider knowledge or hopeful delusion is to be seen. 

In truth, it is most likely the PS4 announcement. This week we have been flooded with images of a new prototype controller for the upcoming console, reminiscent of their current dual shock 3, but with a touch pad in the centre. Then there was news last week of a tablet controller also being part of the PS4 lineup, possibly trying to keep up with the recently released Wii U from Nintendo.

Whatever it is that Sony announces, this is an exciting time for gaming. And if it isn’t a new console, well at least you have two great games released this week (Crysis 3 and Metal Gear Rising).

Update: You can stream the press conference live at IGN.

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