Geek Fashion: Link, SNES Cuff-links, and Pi Scarves

Bonjour, as we in the cultured fashion biz like to say. Some awesome items are being pimped this week for you to get your public geek persona more geekified.

First off! Courtesy of Shark Robot, we have an awesome Legend of Zelda themed shirt for the obsessive compulsive Link in all of us. If you are like me, you cannot help but pick up and smash every pot and shrub when running through the streets, forests and homes of Hyrule. Finally, we have a tee-shirt that captures that spirit perfectly. Just don’t take your OCD with you when visiting your local museum. Instead of a heart, you will probably just find a lawsuit and some prison time.

Purchase the shirt at Shark Robot here (Via Shirtoid)

Next up, continuing with our Nintendo theme, some of the coolest and geekiest cuff-links you can find on the net. Coming at us from Bazinga Jewelry, you can now get cuff-links in the shape of your favourite face buttons and d-pads from your favourite controllers (with the exception of  the N64s weird yellow C arrow thing). You can get your classic NES, SNES, PS Dual Shock, and Xbox 360 combos, or hell, why not mix and match. Bazinga Jewelry doesn’t stop at game pads either, check out their stock for even more geeky cuff-links like Capt. America shields, Death Stars and more. The cuff-links can be purchased here for about $20 a set. (Via Fashionably Geek)

Finally, The next item comes just in time for March 14th, or as it is better known across the interwebs, Pi Day. Another Etsy item, this time from the shop Panjerize, pick up the Pi Infinity Scarf.  It features the symbol and numbers for pi on a 54″ x 7.5″ scarf made from cotton sateen fabric (although I am not sure at what digit the scarf gives up). The scarf comes in black with white print. This is just one of many incredibly geeky scarves made by Panjerize, so if you like it, I highly recommend checking out their other work. The scarf costs about $30 and can be picked up here. (Via Fashionably Geek)


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