World War Z has my attention!

I have not had much more than a passing interest in World War Z up until this point. I love the book! It, along with its counterpart The Zombie Survival Guide, both written by the incredibly unique Max Brooks, represent the holy bible of Zombie fictions. But the movie just wasn’t grabbing me. 

Bogged down with issues throughout its creation, World War Z’s imminent release is somewhat of a miracle. It was originally set for release back in late fall 2012, but had to undergo extensive re-shoots.

When they released their first trailer, the CGI looked stiff and awkward, and the massive horde like title wave of zombies just didn’t look right. They just were not giving the scale of the dread that was exhibited by the stories in the book. The zombie outbreak was a global phenomenon but World War Z was looking to be another isolated tale of family running for their lives.  It looked like any other zombie movie with bad CGI.

Well the latest trailer has brought me into the film’s fleshy embrace. We really begin to see the global scale of the Zombie outbreak, and I like that this is clearly not a family survival story line. Brad Pitt is flying around to different destinations trying to get a grasp of what is happening to his world.

Take a look below and let me know what you think.


(Via Aintitcool)


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