Marvel Studios Gains Full Rights to Daredevil

Fox had until October 10, 2012 to come up with a plan to make a Daredevil movie. If not, the studio’s contract with Marvel over the license would become null and void and all rights to use that character in a film would be returned to Marvel (now owned by Disney). Some talk started to pick up about a 70s-based noirish Daredevil film to be helmed by Joe Carnahan. In fact a teaser video was put together (see it here) showing an almost Taxi Driver-esque look and feel.

Well, nothing came of it, and as of today, Marvel Studios has released a statement issuing that they have full rights to the property now. Based on some of the stellar work Marvel has done with their own properties (with the exception of Iron Man 2), this creates great potential for a well made Daredevil film.

(Via IGN)

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