Dan Harmon Invited Back to Community??? Please Be True!!!

So take this all with a grain of salt… Lord knows the relationship between Dan Harmon and NBC was strained when last they worked together. Now much of that tension was due to Chevy Chase, and now that he is gone, it is possible that bridges could be re-built. Anyway, the story goes (via Vulture): 

“Dan Harmon just told the audience of his podcast Harmontown that he has been asked to return to Community!”writes Hollywookiee, who had a writer present at the Harmontown taping. “As soon as Dan said it, he asked that it be edited out of the podcast and it was just for us audience members (and I wasn’t going to say a word) but soon after that Dan said ‘Ahhh fuck it. I don’t care who knows!'” Harmon joked he’d only go back if his good buddy Chevy Chase returned, too. It’s unclear if Harmon would return as showrunner or just as a producer, although it’s also unclear if this will amount to anything at all.”

Please be true! Please be true!


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