New Amazing Spider-man Sequel Pics Show Giamatti’s Rhino in Costume

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Electric Bugaloo is looking to be a heck of a villain stew. We have Jamie Foxx playing Elektro, Chris Cooper playing Norman Osborne, and the great Paul Giamatti playing Rhino. Now Rhino in the comics has a very distinct costume. Quite literally, it looks like a rhino. Marc Webb and co seem to be taking a different approach with their Rhino rendition, ala the Nolan-verse in DC films. The suit Giamatti is wearing will obviously be enhanced with ton of CG, but it looks as though he will be wearing a power-loader-like (think Ripley in Aliens) costume to give him his speed and strength. Granted, who knows what the final product will actually look like.

Sidenote: Crazy Giamatti Face is AMAZING!!!

Anyway, enjoy the set pics courtesy of Super Hero Hype:


Compare that to the comic version:


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