Change is Good!

controller-evolutionIn the beginning of June, I posted my last post (unknowingly at the time) on Refined Geekery with an eye toward to the coming E3, expecting to write in jubilation at every piece of gaming news. And then something happened. An overwhelming wave of negativity flooded the various game sites and media and all with a target pointed directly at one of the new pieces of hardware coming out this fall. The environment felt toxic, and quite frankly I just lost all will to contribute to the discussion. But as the summer passed, I missed this blog more and more. Now, with mere weeks before the launch of Sony and Microsoft’s new consoles, I am starting to feel that excitement once more. Oh, I know that the toxicity will remain. It is a staple of this industry I suppose. Arguments on hardware specs, exclusive content, and any other differences between your system and mine will no doubt incite fiery discussions for years to come. But I appreciate games too much to not get involved in some fashion.

So here we are again. A rebirth of sorts for Refined Geekery. As much as I like covering the news in this medium (let’s be honest, I am no reporter… more a re-poster), that kind of activity can become tiresome and tedious. It is great for getting hits and continuous traffic on a site, but I simply do not have the time to carry through with so many news items as this is not a full time job. Instead, this blog will go more towards editorial focussed forms of output.

As such, I want to be able to represent opinions beyond my own. In this regard, I will no longer be the sole operator of the site. Mike, a great friend of mine who shares the same passion for games and geek culture, but also has many opinions which differ from mine, will be a contributing author and co-editor of the site. This is very exciting as a multitude of (rational) opinions will generate a greater depth of discussion. We will also be introducing a podcast discussing the many on-goings of gaming and geek culture.

Looking to the future, I am very excited for the path we are now proceeding on with no future goal other than creating interesting content that will hopefully generate great discussion.  So I welcome Mike and the great dialogues we are sure to have with this website as our forum.


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