The {refined} Geekery Gift Guide 2013 – Kids & Cards

Having trouble finding the perfect gift for your little geek or impossible-to-buy-for friend? Here’s our first guide for the holiday season

bannerimage by Stéfan, some rights reserved

Books for your little geek:

A Brain is for Eating – Dan & Amelia Jacobs.  Teaching your little zombie munchkin how to find their next meal… after the apocalypse.  Similar in dark comic style to Calvin & Hobbes and Edward Gorey.brain

The Creature Department – Robert Paul Weston.  Phenomenally illustrated by the FX people who did the Harry Potter films, this is a fantastic book in a similar vein as Monster’s Inc.


For the analog gaming geek (…that aren’t Cards Against Humanity)

We Didn’t Playtest This At All – an insane card-based game where the goal is to, well, win… just look at the picture, I can’t explain, madness ensues…


Superfight – similar in setup to Cards Against Humanity, except you’re using your various and random cards to build an epic superhero battle.  UPDATE: Sold out for Christmas Delivery!


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