My New Years Gaming Resolution


The Opposite of my PC Rig

While making my best games list for 2013, I was struck by how many titles I did not play this year. Now some of these titles were by personal choice. I had no interest in playing Call of Duty or Battlefield, and while my original suspicions kept me from playing Assassin’s Creed IV prior to the end of the year, Mike has now converted me and I will be picking the title up as soon as I finish some other back log games (Currently working on Darksiders 2). Then there are the Wii U games. I feel somewhat bad about the fact that I have not played Super Mario 3D World, but I have yet to take that sadness and translate it into picking up a Wii U.

Where I feel really bad, however, is in the PC titles I let pass me by. I have not been a PC gamer since Warcraft II. Since then, I have primarily gamed on consoles, with the odd flirtation with a PC title but never with tons of enthusiasm. I have never had a strong rig for PC gaming, and I had let that guide me away from PC gaming over the years. But then this year happened. This year we had a bevy of amazing titles on PC – mainly indie titles that you can find on Steam. These are games like The Stanley Parable (see Mike’s best of list here for his thoughts on the game), Papers Please, Don’t Starve (which I realize is coming out on PS4), and Gone Home. None of these games seem taxing on an average PC. It is a shame therefore that I let them pass by.

That is why this year, my New Years resolution for gaming is to play more indie PC games. Sure, with self-publishing on the PS4 and Xbox One there may be less of a discrepancy between indie content on PCs and consoles. Nevertheless, it is my mission this year to play the hidden gems of the PC world (as long as my computer can handle it)

Also, check out our best of games vidcast from earlier in the week below:


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