Pixies Releasing First Studio Album in 23 Years: Indie Candy

Pixies1991. That was the year of the last major Pixies release. Since “Trompe Le Monde”, music has gone in many different directions. We have had Nirvana, we have had boy bands, we have had Skrillex, and yet Pixies have maintained their relevance. In truth, their cult status has only grown with the length in time between releases. Finally, after decades of waiting, the Terrence Mallick’s of alternative music have readied themselves for the release of Indie Candy, a collection of songs that Pixies have been recording over the last few years (a compilation of EPs 1, 2, and 3). The band has changed a little since we last saw them. Long time bassist, Kim Deal, is no longer part of the band and several of her replacements have also come and gone. And yet, had this album come out in 1992, it would have fit perfectly with their discography. Indeed, songs like Bagboy sound like they could have been a b-side from Doolittle.

Showing that age does not a Luddite make, Pixies have released the full album to stream for free.

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