Baby Gear for Baby Geeks

Refined Geekery co-geek Mike just became a father this week and in celebration of that I thought I would drop some cool product ideas for those newly extracted mini humans of parents with a certain affinity for all things nerdy.


1) The Mustachifier – For the refined baby. This is not a product for your everyday common baby. This is the pacifier for the baby that arm wrestles whilst sipping from a bourbon in the other hand.



2) The Batman cape/bib and booties set – Why not force your infant into a lifetime of loving all things Batman at the earliest age possible? It works for cigarette companies!

(From Amazon)



3) Book: The Very Hungry Zombie – Forget caterpillars! Zombies are going to inevitably be part of your child’s future so start training them now for a lifetime of survival with this handy children’s story.

(From Think Geek)

Those are just a few of our ideas. Feel free to add more great ideas for Mike in the comments section.

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