Short Film Friday: The Recursion Theorem (Kickstarter) Dir: Ben Sledge

RecursionTheoremOkay, so normally with Short Film Friday we like to highlight finished products as you can see through our amazing back catalogue of shorts, but today we thought we would do something a little different and highlight a kickstarter seeking to make an awesome short in the near future. We are pretty big fans of crowd-funding in general as you can check out many of our articles on the subject and we like to highlight projects when we think they are interesting and this weeks film is no different. The Recursion Theorem is a project/brain child of Ben Sledge of Cubit Filmworks. Much of his previous work has been for commercial purposes however he has worked on some cool projects outside of advertising including a pretty cool fan film based on the television show LOST. The Recursion Theorem is a black and white short that combines science-fiction elements with a film noire atmosphere. Sledge lists his three main influences as  The Twilight Zone, Asteroids (the arcade/video game), and ancient Greek mythology – certainly a unique mix of themes. From the material Sledge has released, it really looks like he is going for a Hitchcockian vibe which I personally dig quite a bit.

The goal for Recursion Theorem is pretty modest at $3500 so I encourage any and all to check out the link here and donate what you can:

You can check out Cubit Filmworks’ website here:

You can also check out Sledge’s personal website at


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