Microsoft’s ID@XBOX Program is Finally Coming Into Its Own

cuphead-flower1It is nice to see that after a year, ID@Xbox has matured into a full featured program for the indie game loving audience of the Xbox One. At the time of its initial launch, ID@XBOX seemed very much like a quota system program:  We need retro, we need esoteric, we need this/that. With their E3 presentation, and now their latest roll of titles at Gamescom in Germany, the program looks like a true liberal free for all of ideas with some great looking quality titles in the queue. Highlights for me: Ghost of a Tale, Cuphead, ‪#‎IDARB‬, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime and more (Goat simulator, really???)

What do you think of Xbox’s latest collection of indie games?

Find the trailer below:

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One response to “Microsoft’s ID@XBOX Program is Finally Coming Into Its Own

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