Struggling Kickstarter from Ex-Bioshock developers needs your help


The Black Glove is a video game Kickstarter project brought to you by Day For Night Games, a company made up almost entirely of former Irrational Games employees (the makers of the brilliant Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite games last generation). Irrational Games head Ken Levine shuttered nearly his entire work force earlier this year, less than a year after Infinite’s release, leaving many Boston area game developers unemployed. Grouping together under Creative Director Joe Fielder, one of the writers of Bioshock Infinite, Day For Night looks to be building on the foundations of Irrational’s pedigree, that is immersive storytelling in first person form.

The trailer for The Black Glove indeed has much in common with our first trip into Rapture or Columbia in its otherworldliness. There is a feeling of a pre-existing culture, and that you are a stranger making your way through a community of strange, esoteric people. The game is set to be released on PC, Mac, Linux, and PS4, with the possibility of an Xbox One version later down the road (at least they are open to the idea in the FAQ). With three days left in the crowdfunding project, The Black Glove has still only achieved less than half of its $550,000 goal.


In an effort to boost backers, Bioshock creator and head of Irrational Games Ken Levine has thrown his support behind the project. You can find the Kickstarter here:

It is interesting to think of what might become of this project if it is not funded. Certainly their are a lot of bold ideas being employed here that could lead to a really immersive experience. The work on display may certainly pick up the interest of other external funders. Yet that is an issue to explore if and when three days pass and the goal has not been reached. Let’s hope it does not come to that.

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