The 25 Invisible Benefits of Gaming While Male – Feminist Frequency

25InvisibleBenefitsToday I simply wanted to leave any and all who read this blog and are passionate about gaming with the following video from Feminist Frequency’s “Playing with Privilege” series. The video is not to express that male gamers are free from harassment, but to push the fact that if and when such harassment is leveled upon them, it is not because of their gender. Sadly, for female gamers, the vicious cycle of abuse and harassment leveled upon them simply because they are women is all too real. While we are in the golden age of gaming, it also feels at times like we are in the dark ages of gaming culture. It is a cycle that many within the gaming community want to break, but due to some tragic outliers who monopolize the conversation, we are unable to press forward on the all too important issue of equality in gaming. This video contains some of the most well-respected male figures withing the gaming community coming together to reinforce the need for change, and I hope it is a message that will resonate with the majority of people out there who care about what we do and want it to be a safe environment for all to enjoy.

2 responses to “The 25 Invisible Benefits of Gaming While Male – Feminist Frequency

  1. I’m sorry, but this seems a bit much. I feel the whole “online harassment” has been stereotyped and blown out of the water. I’ve played plenty of online games and have never heard a women harrassed. Maybe i’m not playing games filled with 12 year olds. I’ve been harrassed, but thats because i stink at the game. The most I have ever heard about a girl playing was “oh, your a girl.” With suprise in their voices. But this all may be because i dont play xbox games and perhaps thats where all the hate is.

  2. Reblogged this on Lots to Say About it All and commented:
    Great PSA, great to see no one is taking away from online bullying against all genders, but for the purpose of this awareness campaign focussing on gender-specific harassment levelled against many women in the gaming community. Equality is the goal, not blame.

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