The Next James Bond Film is Called “Spectre” – Full Announcement and Cast

Bond_spectre_castThis morning at the famous Pinewood Studios, Director Sam Mendes and Producer Barbara Broccoli unveiled the cast and title of the newest film in the blockbuster James Bond franchise. Simply entitled “Spectre”, the name pays homage to one of the greatest collections of evil 007 has ever faced, the Special Executive for Counterintelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion. The cast announcement included returning cast members Daniel Craig, Rory Kinnear, Ben Wishaw, Naomi Harris, and Ralph Fiennes. In addition, Spectre will also star Academy Award-winner Christoph Waltz, actor and WWE wrestler Dave Bautista, Italian actress Monica Bellucci, French Actress Léa Seydoux (star of the incredible Blue is the Warmest Colour) and Irish actor Andrew Scott, known for his role as Jim Moriarty in the BBC’s Sherlock.

It has been rumoured that Christoph Waltz will be taking over in the role of Ernst Stavro Blofeld, one of Bond’s most iconic villains. Currently they are calling his character Oberhauser, however this could easily be a cover. I’m of two minds when it comes to the re-emergence of Spectre and Blofeld. On the one hand, I fear what a rehash of an iconic character might do to one of Bond’s most revered arch enemies. Think of J.J. Abrams and Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness. The handling of the plotline was almost heavy-handed and although it was still a fun movie, it felt like it was doing a disservice to a character that everyone remembered so fondly. On the other hand, Blofeld kind of went out with a whimper. His death at the beginning of For Your Eyes only was pure camp and one of the worst moments in James Bond cannon so it would be wonderful to see that moment retc0nned or erased from the public mindset.

You can see the entire 10 minute video of the announcement below:

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